Regency Benches 2005
For Westminster Council, London
  The Regency benches are a series of three stainless steel benches installed in a park behind the Tate Britain Gallery in London. The project was a collaboration between Julian and year 6 students from the nearby Millbank School. The forms were created as a response to the undulating nature of the site, and consist of a series of steel triangles that reflect the changing light and atmospheric conditions in the park.
  Public Art for Inverness Terrace 2012
  Design for public artwork in front of new flats on Inverness Terrace, Bayswater, London
  Open Lab Magazine 2012   Background and furniture for fashion magazine photo shoot

Architectural Skirting 2010

  Design for skirting board and coving for a variety of rooms.
  Burnout Bench 2007
For Mark and Donna Stephens, London
  The Burnout bench is based on crushed forms shown as computer generated wire-frame models. It is realised in stainless steel as a series of five benches that can be placed together to make a flowing form. With this project, computers are used both as a tool for the realisation of the project and as a central theme in the work itself.
  House 2 2007
proposal for a conservatory
  House 2 is a proposal for a conservatory for the house of a collector in East London.
  Bubblegum Machine 2001
San Francisco
  Commission to make a fun and engaging experience for a lobby
  A Comedy of Errors 2010
with Anthony Macilwaine
  Set design for Royal Exchange Theatres production of Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors.
  Personal Skies 2001
With Naoto Fukasawa
  Personal Skies at Workspheres, MOMA NY 2001. Personal skies was a collaboration with the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa exploring the creation of personal space within an office environment. The design was created to encourage public participation and for people to experiment with different workplace scenarios.

Frame Sculptures 2008
Edition of 3

Dimensions 1200 x 600 x 800 mm

  Frame Sculptures made for a collector in Switzerland
  Swarovski 2009
new designs for Swarovski Crystal Palace
  A series of designs for Swarovski Crystal Palace.
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